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Your health is the key

I believe 110% that your health is the solid foundation on which the quality of your life rests, not only now, but for as long as you live. I know that there are things beyond our control, but because I am not a doctor, I am here to help you with the things you can control – your diet, movement, and mindset. Many mamas feel that putting effort into living a healthy lifestyle is just another thing to add to your to-do list, when in reality it should be your first priority with everything else following. 

Leading a life of health and vitality doesn’t have to be complicated; in fact, my belief is that the more simple your lifestyle choices, the better! 

Learning about the newest type of eating style or exercise craze is a full time job. I think this is silly. There is absolutely no one-size-fits-all diet or exercise regimen. Everyone has their own health goals and their own reasons for setting them. It doesn’t matter to me what diet you prescribe to, whether by choice or necessity; what matters is that your food is real, you get up and move each day, and your family is on a trajectory to lifelong health that will affect generations beyond your wildest dreams. 

Private Coaching


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  • Self-guided, 28-day program focused on Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition
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About Andrea Alley, CHC



As a Certified Health Coach, my role is to help you design the path and hold you accountable to your wellness goals. My purpose isn’t to replace your doctor or nutritionist, but rather to take a supportive, action-oriented role on your path to wellness.

Working with a health coach will help you transform your life from the inside out, armed with the information you need while eliminating everything you don’t.

In the end, YOU are the one who does the hard work. My role is to empower you. encourage you, and equip you to reach your goals faster and more efficiently than you would on your own.

I work locally in Scottsdale and the surrounding areas,
but most of my clients are served virtually.

Have additional questions? Interested in having me speak at an event or workspace? Feel free to connect with me here.