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her home, wellness, and business

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A clutter-free home is where we begin the fight against overwhelm and exhaustion.
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Focus on what matters and ditch the rest.

in our homes, in our diets, and in the shiny-object syndrome of today’s mamapreneur.

Focusing on minimalism, health and business all in one place may seem like an odd combination. But in my experience, until we make and execute a strategy to clear your environment, build a wellness plan you feel good about, and automate and streamline your business to free up your time, you will find yourself living in a constant state of resentment and maybe even paralysis – and that’s no way to live, mama.

If you are a mom and business owner, I invite you to join me on this journey and uncover freedom, joy, and wellness – and leave the overwhelm behind for good. You joined the ranks of entrepreneurship because you knew you were destined for more than feeling like you are drowning under the weight of your to-do list.

Let’s optimize your space, your body, and your business for long-term success – together.

Essential Pantry Makeover


Set yourself up for success in the kitchen
  • Toss the crap
  • Determine the essentials
  • Organize and streamline the essentials with your family’s health in mind
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Amplify & Automate Business Coaching Program


Payment Plans Available
  • Streamline what works, nix what doesn’t
  • Amplify and automate your message to the right audience
  • 6 Weeks, weekly 1:1 Coaching calls
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About Andrea Alley, CHC



When I created the Minimalist Mamapreneur, I set out on a mission to help fellow online-business-owning moms gain control of their environment and wellness so they can kick ass in business and start truly enjoying their lifestyle. The key? Minimalism—in all three areas.

As a coach, my role is to help my clients design the path with accountability to their wellness and business goals as defined by them. I do not replace doctors or nutritionists. My role is to help my clients transform their lives from the inside out, armed with the information they need while eliminating everything they don’t.

As a Small Business Success Coach specializing in Infusionsoft, I have helped hundreds of small businesses get up and running in the platform. I help online mamapreneurs amplify and automate their messaging to the right audience so they can stop wasting time in the details and start spending time where it matters most.

In the end, my clients are the ones who do the hard work. The burden of change is so much lighter with me in your corner. Are you the next great success story? Let me help you get to where you want to go.

I work locally in Scottsdale and the surrounding areas,
but most of my clients are served virtually.

Have additional questions? Interested in having me speak at an event or workspace? Feel free to connect with me here.