Paleo Snacks

The idea is simple, whole, and portable. The cooked/prepped items are assuming you do #mealprepsunday and can whip these up ahead of time!


A few of my favorite paleo snacks to throw in my purse or have ready in the fridge at home:

Nuts and nut butters of any kind – I typically aim for raw and unsalted. If you want to add salt toss the nuts in a mason jar with some Himalayan pink salt and shake them up.

Veggies – on meal prep Sunday, cut them into slices and bag them up into single serving snack bags:

Bell peppers – I love red, orange and yellow.
Carrots – avoid the pre-cut baby carrots. Those are washed in a chlorine solution; hence the white film that develops on them after a few days.
Celery – make ants on a log and enjoy a throwback to your childhood!

Fruits – slice ’em and dice ’em and package ’em, oh my! Oh, and squeeze lemon juice on them to prevent browning.

Sliced apples
Peaches with cinnamon

Proteins and fats:

Hard boiled eggs with smoked paprika
Half an avocado with lime and pink salt

Slightly more involved and best for at home:

Shredded slow-cooked chicken with salsa
Half a baked yam or sweet potato with grass-fed butter and cinnamon
Mini spinach salad with blueberries and sliced almonds

What are your favorite Paleo snacks to get you through the day?

My #1 business hack

If there is one common theme I see consistently in the mamapreneurs I encounter, it’s that they are constantly stretched too thin. But when you’re trying to manage a household, a business, and a life, how could you not be? I get it.

On the flip side, there is one truth when it comes to living your best life and optimizing your business (yes, your business…): prioritizing your health when it comes to the choices you make each day. Those choices will add up to the life you live, and the habits you build will be the best indicator of your future. The sum of your steps determine your journey, and you have the power to decide whether you’re going to feel great while on this journey, or whether you’ll be slogging through.


I can’t speak for anyone else, but the moment I started taking better care of myself, everything else leveled up. I hear moms talk about how busy they are (the most common answer to the question, “How are you?” these days is “Oh I’m SOOOOO busy…”) and this is usually shared through a caffeinated haze on the run to the next thing. That’s been my life too.

I understand; I honestly do. I just entered the realm of school-aged mommyhood, and boy is it a misnomer to say you get a ton of time back when your kids start school. I can confidently say I have less…

The difference now is that I prioritize things differently. Actually, scratch that… I actually have priorities that go beyond the day-to-day things that are required of me: get up, get ready, get the kids to school, work, cook dinner, clean up, get ready for bed, sleep. Things that filled in ALL the gaps in my days were social media and TV. That’s it. What the eff was I doing with my life?

Inspired by my hubby, I started reading more about fitness, crossfit, and strength training for women. I started working at it and little by little I felt more alive, stronger, capable, and my head was clear. Once upon a time I was an athlete at a Pac 10 (now Pac 12) school, and I still hold records at my high school. I know what hard work looks and feels like. It’s not easy but it feels great in the long run. Why I ever moved away from it I’m not sure, but my love for fitness has come back tenfold, not only because I just love it, but because I see how it truly affects all of life. And I’m here to tell you, eating well and building strength is hands down the best business hack out there.

Why do you think all the big name entrepreneurs out there are hitting the gym or out for walks in their SnapChats and Instagram feeds? Would you agree that perhaps they are on to something?

Look, I know you’re working hard. Mama, I get it. I know you’re already stretched thin, and if someone asks you to take on ONE MORE THING you’re going to lose it. I’m not going to ask you to do anything, but I am going to suggest that you take a hard look at how you are spending any extra time you have and whether it’s helping you build the life that you want. I’m going to suggest that you take small steps in the right direction to bump your health higher up on your list of priorities until it settles in at the top. Not at the expense of anything else, mind you; but because it has become a natural extension of who you are: a woman who values her health, treats her body as the temple it is, is teaching her children the value of self-care, and as a result is running her business like the rock star that she is!

Making this change will require a mindset shift, so for those of you who are ready, start here:
For one week, keep a journal of everything you do and how much time you spend on each item. I recommend using a small notebook that you can take with you wherever you go.
Account for all 24 hours in your day. And be honest with how you are spending your time. No one else will see this except for you.
At the end of the week, cross off the things that are not priorities and add up the time that gives you back.
How much time will you have left to shift into the things you say are important to you but you aren’t currently making the time for?

Contemplating change and tire changing

Hi Mamas! Welcome to video 2 in my series about the stages of change. Today I filmed a quick ditty about the second stage – contemplation. The big takeaway I want you to have is how easy it is to get stuck in this stage, sometimes indefinitely. We can weigh our options FOREVER without ever actually doing anything to move in the direction we want to go.

I’ve been guilty of this… have you? It’s also painful to watch others go through this stage for extended periods of time… don’t you sometimes want to grab them by the shoulders and say, “DO SOMETHING!”?

Here’s this week’s quick video about the pros and cons of contemplating, changing the flat tires of your life, and getting back on the road toward your destination.

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Introducing my vlog: My motivation and Pre-Contemplation

Today is the first of a series I’m starting on the stages of change – and with today’s topic I’m also sharing the personal story of what got me started in the world of health and mindset coaching for Mamapreneurs.

I want to invite you into the idea that the quality of everything else in your life is dependent on the state of your health. Perhaps this hasn’t occurred to you yet, and in that case, today’s vlog will explain why! If you are constantly exhausted, cloudy, and sluggish, you probably know your health has something to do with it. But do you realize just how much power you hold within yourself to change that?

That change will ONLY occur if you are ready. And you can’t be ready until you are aware.

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Nothing will change until you do.

Why do I know this? Because I am currently living it. I have made some drastic changes in the past few weeks and the difference in the way I feel from day to day is incredible.


And you know what the best part is?

My kids are taking notice. And kids mirror what we do.

I feel like this is common knowledge, but it didn’t hit home until my girls followed me outside and started imitating the workouts that I was doing… well, modified for a three- and six-year-old, anyway. Our whole family went to the crossfit gym to cheer on our friends at the open and the girls spent the entire time in the back room using the rower, lifting dowels like barbells, and doing bicep curls. It made me so incredibly happy to see them moving and wanting to be strong and be like mama. When you don’t take care of yourself, it’s hard to want your kids to be like you. Again, I know this because I’ve been there too.

Self-care makes ALL the difference in the rest of your life. It ensures that the quality of your relationships, your business, and your waking hours are the best they can possibly be. That is why this idea means so much to me – I have lived for far too long NOT taking care of myself and being miserable most days. But the reason I was terrible at taking care of my health and eating well was because I had absolutely no idea where to begin or who to turn to.

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